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infection control

Infection Control Cleaning &  Fabric Pests

AJT Cleaning specialise in CQC infection control cleaning in doctors surgeries and other medical centres in Bromley, Maidstone, Dartford, Sevenoaks and all surrounding areas.

We can safely clean using an antimicrobial cleaning solution that is effective against MRSA, C-Diff and the Norovirus to name just a few. The cleaning solution is hospital grade giving an instantaneous kill and residual kill for a period of time after.

We work for many local doctors surgeries and medical centres for infection control and to maintain the correct CQC standards.

We can offer this type of cleaning on carpets, upholstery and even blinds and curtains. We can also use the same infection cleaning on hard floors like tiles and safety flooring.

We can also clean areas with a cleaning solution specifically made to eradicate dust mites and their faeces – the faeces are the biggest cause of asthma and allergic reactions. The cleaning solution that will clean the area and make it uninhabitable by dust mites for up to 14 months after.

AJT Cleaning can also help with other problems such as moth larvae that can inhabit wool carpets and are becoming more prevalent than ever. The first signs can often be where you notice some small parts of missing carpet around the perimeter of your room – if you think you may have this problem, get in touch, we can help!

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